YCWUA Weather

YCWUA Weather

The Association has been in the process of building out it’s network of weather stations across the Yuma Valley and parts of Bard, CA. To date, we have 5 of 7 stations installed, with another 3 stations in the planning phase. Once completed, we will have a high resolution picture of the weather pattern throughout the Yuma Valley and along the Yuma Main Canal in California.

Click on the picture below to be taken directly to our webpage dedicated to aggregating the stations’ feeds, so that you can view the weather patterns at a glance. Please note that you can also find a direct link to this page on the top menu of any page of our website (labeled as “YCWUA WEATHER”), or by bookmarking www.ycwua.org/weather. On some browsers, you may have to click the individual graphics to “play” the feed (activating the plugin we’ve installed for each station on the page). By clicking each station again, once it’s loaded up, you will be taken directly to it’s WeatherUnderground.com webpage, where you can find very detailed information for that site, including historical observations.

You might be surprised at exactly how diverse the weather can be across these 84 square miles we operated within, especially during times of rain showers! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates when the additional weather stations are added to the network.



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