Out With the Old!

Out With the Old!


As part of an ongoing maintenance task, the Association is continuing the replacement of aged and failed high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe used in the burial of lateral canals in the past. This pipe, over time, has developed structural faults that have caused splits and cracks, ultimately causing leakage and total failure of the pipe system.


Until scheduling and budgeting permits, Association maintenance and construction crews have several ways to mitigate the effects of these faults and failures. Once a section of pipeline is slated for replacement, it is taken out of service and is completely replaced- usually with rubber-gasketed, reinforced concrete pipe (RGRCP).


As you can imagine, this process is very costly and time consuming, but it is one that is very important to the overall health of our system, and one that we owe to our Water Users to perform to the highest of quality.  All of this work is carried out by Association staff and crew.


The work being performed currently (July, 2015) lies along Highway 95, just east of Somerton, Arizona. 1,340 feet of 42″ diameter pipe will be replaced. In a cost-saving effort to our Water Users, approximately half of the RGRCP pipe that will be installed is recycled pipe from a lateral that was taken out of service due to development within the City of Yuma. This pipe, other than being dirty on the outside, is in pristine condition and is ready for many decades of service!hdpe5


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