Let’s Get Down to Business

Let’s Get Down to Business

Here at the Association, we’ve made some recent changes to the way we handle our business-to-business electronic correspondence. Going forward, we will use the following group email addresses to conduct business with you in order to allow for the most prompt attention to your inquiries. Responses from these email addresses will be from an appropriate member of our staff that will be able to help you with your inquiry, all the while keeping multiple personnel in the loop of your project. Should your primary point of contact not be available, another staff member should be able to help you much easier using this new contact system. This new system will effectively eliminate using individual Association email addresses for the following types of correspondence:



Lands and Rights-of-Way: Use this email address to send in initial requests and continue dialog concerning any inquiries with regard to lands that are managed by the Association. This includes requests for Licenses for Encroachment, Temporary Encroachment Permits, serial information, and similar information.

Engineering Services: Use this email address for correspondence in plan review, construction specifications, construction standards and clearances, and similar matters.

Planning and Zoning Case Review: All Planning and Zoning (P&Z) review request for comments should be directed to this email address.

Technology: Any inquiries concerning the Association’s technology program (SCADA, IT, water, etc.) should be directed to this email address.

Bluestake, 811, DigAlert:  Any 811 (formerly known as Bluestake) and DigAlert (for our California facilities) requests and inquires may be sent to this email address. Be aware that the Association is defined as a “Limited Basis Participant Member” and is not automatically contacted by the 811 contact center. Use of this email address does not constitute acknowledged receipt of notification by the Association of an intent to excavate. You must call and speak with an Association representative in accordance with the 811 contact center guidelines. Also, be aware that we only mark our electric facilities, not water facilities. No work shall be performed within Association-managed rights-of-way without a properly executed License for Encroachment.


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