Communications Tower Energized and In Service

Communications Tower Energized and In Service

On Thursday, October 10, 2013, Association crews completed the installation of power to the communications facility located near 20th Street on the Association’s East Main Canal. This final step of the construction phase allowed technicians to begin the process of  linking critical infrastructure, using this location as one of seven sites. The sum of these seven sites span over 53,000-acres of land, with the vast majority being the rich, fertile farm land that this nation heavily relies upon for it’s produce supply. Even with one tower remaining to be constructed, this tower brings together several key elements to the restructuring of the Association’s telemetry system, and allows our crews to begin the construction of the majority of the new communications system.

The primary driver for change within the system is public safety, being closely followed by increases in operational efficiency, accuracy in water deliveries, site safety and security, and advanced monitoring of our power generation, transmission, distribution, and substation operations. Over three years of engineering studies, planning, research and development, testing, and incremental construction have culminated with the placing of this tower in service. The last remaining tower only accounts for some 10% of our overall sites that connect to the system.

We are pleased to have constructed this system through cooperative partnerships, thorough research and engineering, and extensive in-house construction and commissioning (from our engineering staff, to our concrete crews, certified tower workers, and our experienced communications technicians). We always aim to keep our costs low, which directly keep your irrigation rates down. We have saved our water users tens of thousands of dollars in construction costs, and untold amounts going forward by means of having a fully trained and certified staff to operate and maintain the system, as opposed to contracting the work out.


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