The structure has been raised into place and set into the holes that were augered previously.

Colorado River Transmission Line Crossing Replacement

The Association has a long history of power delivery for eligible loads under the Parker-Davis hydroelectric system. Not only do we serve power to our own critical infrastructure, but we also provide services to Yuma County Flood Control, the City of Yuma, and the United States Bureau of Reclamation. Additionally, the Association operates and maintains the Siphon Drop Power Plant, marketing the resulting energy on the wholesale, renewable energy market. We are an interconnected system with Western Area Power Administration, Imperial Irrigation District, and Arizona Public Service.

Recently, the Association began the final phase of replacing the structures that support our 34,500-volt transmission line as it crosses the Colorado River. The north side (California) was replaced years ago as a result of damage from a brush fire. The south side (Arizona) was slated to be rebuilt due to similar damage suffered from a separate incident. Once complete, the overall crossing project will require only standard maintenance for many decades to come.

Crews rig the first of the 85-foot tall structures to be raised into place with the crane.

The structure has been raised into place and set into the holes that were augered previously.

Linemen begin to back-fill the holes after the structure has been set into place. A hydraulic tamper is used to ensure proper compaction and contact for the ground wire attached to the poles.

A lineman removes the crane’s rigging.

Linemen await the second structure to be set into place.

The new structures are offset by 10 feet. The conductor will be transferred to the new structure, and the old removed. The old poles will be cut up and used as protective stops which will protect the new structure in the event of a flood.


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