A Case Study in Efficiency

A Case Study in Efficiency

As water resources become stressed, the use of water for agricultural production has been scrutinized by some. The case study directly linked below was carefully compiled by the Yuma County Agricultural Water Coalition, the Arizona Department of Water Resources, and the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The Association was proud to be a part of the team brought together to demonstrate exactly how efficient water in Yuma County is being applied, maintaining the precious lifeline that agriculture brings us.

A Case Study In Efficiency (.pdf)

No matter the obstacle, the first step to finding a working resolution is to become as well informed on the topic as possible. Please share this information along and help spread the knowledge. Let’s show others that Yuma agriculture is a smart consumer of this wonderful natural resource we are so fortunate to have.

(The main webpage for the case study, which contains other relevant information can also be found here.)


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